When you need limos in Knoxville choose us

You're simply not going to find a finer option for transportation!

We do our best to provide you with the limo of your dreams!

When it comes to limousines in the Knoxville area, we do our best to provide the highest quality and by far the best value out of all of our competitors. The limo that you see photos of is our Hummer H2 limousine. The exterior is decked out with chrome hardware and a clean looking white paint job. It's also fitted with black tinted windows for maximum privacy on the limousine.

In order to do provide the people of Knoxville with limousines of this quality, we go through painstaking detail in finding the best builders and mechanics to work on our vehicles for us. These vehicles are gutted and built into the beautiful machines that you see today. It's a long process but the look on everybody's face when it pulls up makes it worth it to us.

Knoxville Limos do not just hire drivers to assist our customers. No, we hire chauffeurs. Every experience that a Knoxville Limo customer has with a chauffeur is unique and that's because we hire only the best. Knoxville Limos is for you if you need airport transportation, limo pickup, limousine service, or even a limo bus to make your night complete. Take a look around and contact us with any questions that you may have.

Events in Knoxville are a blast!

Bachelorette Parties

When you are having a Knoxville Bachelorette Party you are having fun! You can head to Southbound, NV, Carleo's, Preservation Pub, or anywhere downtown for a great time! You can also head out of the area to any other city in Tennessee if you want to do a longer more exciting trip.

Wine Tastings

Sure Knoxville isn't exactly known for it's wine but if you're going on a wine tasting around Knoxville we can help with the transportation. Head to Cru Bistro, Echo Bistro, or Brazeiros for a great time. These trips are popular and great for if you're looking to try something new with a group of friends.


IF you're going clubbing in Knoxville you shouldn't drive as it's not only risky but gives you more strees for your evening that you don't need. Let us take you to and from places like Sassy Ann's and NV Night Club! You'll dance the night away and you'll have a great time doing it while arriving home safe.