Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The limos and limo buses have seating that is measured by the department of transportation. The width is a bit narrow so the seating is actually set by the state and not by our company.

Upon ordering, we ask you to agree to our terms of service. During this time you enter into a verbal contract saying you agree to pay for the service and we enter in one saying that we agree to provide the service. Do the nature of the industry we cannot allow cancellations after this point.

Of course. Our limos and limo buses offer AM/FM stereos, MP3 player connections, and CD players so if you choose to listen to your own tunes then feel free to bring them. Our high end sound systems will take care of the rest.

Of course. That's what the point of renting a limo is, right? We cannot, however, allow alcohol on the vehicle if there are any minors in our limo. We strictly enforce this policy and in take it very seriously.

Yes, it varies from event to event and function to function but the general minimum is a $200 deposit.

Where ever you'd like! Your chauffeur will be in direct communication with you for the whole evening so you can rest assured that your event will go as smoothly as possible. Just call them when you need them.


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